Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Christmas with Papaw Dan 09'

Helping Papaw open his presents
Snuggling with Uncle Mark
Riding on our gifts from Papaw

Both of us on a pink horse

That's right - I said pink horse. I'm secure with my masculinity!

Christmas 09 with Papaw Dan

Audrey and Papaw
I love my daddy

Our attempt at a family picture - sorry about the chain in your face Amie.

Now this is talent - riding on Papaw's back (like Mommy and her sisters used to do) and eating summer sausage!

Audrey with Aunt Amie - aren't they pretty!

Helping us decorate the tree

Trying to get a good Christmas picture, but he just wanted to play with the choo choo

Jackpot - minus the bruise. Thank goodness for photoshop.

December 2009

I'm so handsome

Helping with the Christmas lights

Snuggling with Mommy

Read the shirt - enough said


Helping Mommy "make brownies"

October 2009

Audrey trying to pull off her Miss Piggy wig!

Austin as "Kermit the Frog"

Me playing with my Papaw Dan

My shirt says Little Devil, but I think my teeth make me look more like a vampire.

First time eating chicken by himself - Yummy!!!

Trip to visit Uncle Don and Aunt Gwen in Milwaukee October 09'

Austin wearing his Badgers hat from Aunt Gwen and Uncle Don Uncle Don showing Austin how to drive a lawn mower. This is where it all began!